Stephan Clarke Book

The Reverend Sylvanus Holly: His Ancestors and Descendants, compiled and edited by Stephan P. Clarke as a gift to his wife, Mary Hawley Clarke, is a ten-generation family history and genealogy for the direct line of ancestors of the Rev. Sylvanus Holly (1760-1820) and of all of his descendants—whether they are Hawleys, Holleys or Hollys—up to the middle of the 20th Century. Living people are not included. The book has 261 primary entry persons, 895 additional family members (spouses, etc.), an every name index of 1195 entries, 96 illustrations including photos, maps and documents, and several lengthier considerations of various family members whose exploits deserved more detailed consideration. The book begins in England, MA and CT, but focuses mostly on NY before venturing westward to OH, MI, IL, TX, MT, WA and CA. The book is 300 pages in a paperback binding that is available from TheBookPatch.

Steve Clarke presented a copy of his book, The Rev. Sylvanus Holly, to the Ellsworth House Daughters of the American Revolution, in Windsor, Connecticut, at the 2018 Hawley Society annual reunion. Steve is a long-time member of the Hawley Society.