THE HAWLEY RECORD was originally set up with the Connecticut line divided into branches.   Each branch represented one of the fifteen sons or grandsons of Joseph Hawley (1603-1690).     It was the grandson’s generation that significantly began moving beyond the confines of Stratford, ultimately settling much of Connecticut.    The reason for this is easy to understand.   The family members continued to acquire available land, and had to move beyond Stratford to do so.    The Hawley family became one of the largest land holders in the Colony of Connecticut.

The branches are :

1 Joseph Hawley
Samuel, son of Joseph
1. Samuel, Jr, son of Samuel
2. Capt Joseph, son of Samuel
3. Deacon Thomas, son of Samuel
4. Ebenezer, son of Samuel
5. Jehiel, son of Samuel
6. Ephraim, son of Samuel
7. Stephen, son of Samuel
8. Benjamin, son of Samuel
9. Nathaniel, son of Samuel
Ebenezer, son of Joseph
Ephraim, son of Joseph
10. Daniel, son of Ephraim (#10 on map)
11. Gideon, son of Ephraim (#11 on map)
Capt. John, son of Joseph
12. Henry Sr, son of Capt John (#12 on map)
13. John Jr, son of Capt John (#13 on map)
14. Nathan, son of Capt John (#14 on map)
15. Joseph, son of Capt John (#15 on map)





















We are fortunate to have members from all the Connecticut lines.   There tend to be more descendants of Samuel, son of Joseph, based on his having nine sons who went on to have children that survived.  We have also have members from the Massachusetts line of Thomas, who was Joseph’s brother, as well as those whose ancestry is still being researched, and descendants of later Hawley emigration.

The map of Connecticut below shows the migration of the various branches of the Hawley family throughout the state.