Thomas Hawley 1678-1722



Samuel Hawley (1647-1734) was one of the largest land owners in Fairfield County, Connecticut.     By the time of his death, he had transferred ownership of the land among his children.    The following is a transcript of a deed dated 17 January 1717 transferring ownership of twenty four acres in Stratford in an area he referred to as White Plain to his son Thomas.

To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come greeting.  Know ye that I, Samuel Hawley, Senior of Stratford in the County of Fairfield, in the Colony of Connecticut in New England, yeoman, for and in consideration of the good will and affection which I bare to my loving son Thomas Hawley of Stratfield, in the County above, yeoman, as well as for diverse other good causes and considerations me hereunto moving have given, granted, conveyed, made over, and confirmed and by these presents do freely, fully and absolutely give, grant, convey, make over, and confirm said Thomas Hawley, his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract of land in the Township of Stratford above at or near a plait commonly called the White Plain containing by estimation twenty-four acres and two thirds of an acre be it more or less bounded northerly by swampy common land, easterly by my own land, southerly by land belonging to the heirs of Samuel and John Treadwell, dec’d, and westerly by Samuel French’s land.  The said tract being one third part of a parcel of Seventy four acres formerly laid out to Mrs. Jane Blackman.  To have and to hold the said given and granted premises with all the privileges and appurtenances thereof to him the said Thomas Hawley his heirs and assigns forever.  To his and their sole proper benefit and behalf forever.  I, the said Samuel Hawley avouching that before the enseating hereof, I am the true and sole owner of the above described premises and have in myself good right full power and lawful authority to dispose of the land in the manner as above and that it shall be lawful for him the said Thomas Hawley his heirs and assigns forever by fact and virtue of these presents to have and hold ___ occupy and enjoy the above described premises with the privileges and appurtenances free and clear of all encumbrance whatsoever promising for my self, my heirs (executor and descendants) to for ever. Warrant and secure him or heirs therein from the lawful demands of any persons _________ whatsoever from by or ____________ my heirs, executors, descendants and assigns.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of January in the fourth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord, George, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, anno domini one thousand seven hundred seventeen.  Signed, sealed and delivered, two interlinings were made before signing………………

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