A great deal of the information that is known about our Hawley ancestry is due to the efforts of Elias Sill Hawley, who published THE HAWLEY RECORD in 1890.    Elias spent forty five years of his life corresponding with Hawleys all over the world.    He compiled the genealogical information into a book and had it published with three hundred copies printed.

Norman Hawley presenting his own Hawley Record to UELAC

Forty five years is a very long time to work on any project.  Imagine the amount of time  each communication required.    All of the correspondence was in writing via postal mail and personal interviews.

The original is not without its errors and omissions. More information became available after its printing and of course over one hundred twenty years have passed since that time. Many copies are still in existence and I know how precious my copies are to me.

As a researcher, I am forever indebted to Elias Sill Hawley.   His work paved the way for so many of us who came after.   We are fortunate indeed to benefit from his lifelong efforts.

The Hawley Society maintains a database of information from THE HAWLEY RECORD.

Our volunteer genealogist, Trudy Hawley, who no doubt works as hard as old Elias has added an additional database including other HAWLEY FAMILIES whose connections to the family remain unknown at this time.