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  • August 27, 2012 - 5:11 pm

    Kelli Wiseman - Lovely site. Really enjoyed learning more about my distant family.ReplyCancel

    • August 27, 2012 - 5:13 pm

      admin - Thank you Kelli! We are glad that you are enjoying the new site. It is great fun to discover more about who we are!

  • February 1, 2014 - 12:23 am

    Adonna Gosson - Hello again. I have come across a little black book listing the known family history of my grandfather Daniel Richard Hawley Sr. I will try to copy it exactly listed in the book by my grandmother S.Adonna Calkins Hawley.

    Dr. Cannoff on General Washington’s Staff. Polly Cannoff Hawley – daughter. Married Abram Hawley father of Hiram Hawley, son only child of this union. Other children by 2nd wife settled and founded Hawley,Penn. Andrew Hawley son of Hiram born in Conn., buried at Newburgh, NY. 10 children born to him.
    Daniel Sturges Hawley born Conn. April 6, 1812 died June 1882, buried in Westbrookville, NY Co E 143rd NY Infantry Civil War, alo in Mexican war. He actually died in Walden,NY was was buried as listed above. Born Conn April 6, 1812. Abe Hawley, 1st wife born Newburgh. (Seth Camden…don’t know who that is) Charles Hawley – Ithaca,NY, Andrew Hawley, Ithaca,NY, Mary Hawley born Newburgh died Westbrookville.
    Elizabeth Rodak Scheter 2nd wife born Cornwall,NY May 3, 1824, died Nov. 27,1914. Married in Poughkeepsie, NY 1848.
    William Henry Hawley Born Nov 1849 Port Jarvis, NY, Mary Hawley born April 1853 Westbrookville, died 1901, George Andrew Hawley, born Jan 26,1855 Westbrookville, NY. Armenta Hawley Bush, born Jan 26, 1855 (twin of George) Westbrookville, NY died July 1935. Hannah Lauretta Romer born Westbrookville. Daniel Eugene Hawley Born Aug 1862, Phebe H.Moore., born Westbrookville 1865. John Charles Hawley Died 8 yrs old (drowned), Euphehlia Hawley , died 15 yrs old.
    George Andrew Hawley born Jan 26, 1855 Westbrookville, died May 15, 1941 Middletown, NY, Married Cassie (Cassandra) MacElwain Hawley, born May 21, 1858 NYC. Married Sept 2, 1880, Mary Ellen Hawley , born July 12,1881 Bayonne, NJ, died 1882 Jersey City.
    Ella Mae Murray born Aug 1883 Wertsboro,NY died Scranton 1912. Daniel Richard Hawley (Sr. my grandfather) Born, Oct 2, 1885 Wurtboro,NY died April 1, 1970 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, John Charles Hawley born June 16, 1889 Wurtsboro,NY..married Louise Mattish Dec 1908, Cassi Belle Auty born March 31, 1892, William Henry Hawley born Feb 16, 1895 Cuddelbeckville,NY died Feb 19, 1965 , married Albertina Wagner, born Nov 22, 1898.
    My grandpa Daniel Richard Hawley Sr married S. Adonna Calkins, they had 4 children, Thelma Adonna Hawley Ryan, Joyce Lynn Hawley who lived only a few hours, Audrey June Hawley Selbert, and Daniel Richard Hawley Sr. I have the rest of this part of the Hawley family available if you want it. My mother was Audrey.

    Thank you very much and I hope this helps the Hawley line.
    Adonna Gosson
    Rochester, NYReplyCancel