We are very excited to introduce our new Scented Candle.   Proceeds from the sale of the candle and other products helps fund our research as well as the future publishing of a new HAWLEY RECORD.

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Our exclusive candle is hand poured by artisans in the United States.  The fragrance of this candle is inspired by the meaning of the Hawley surname, a wooded field or meadow in the English countryside.    Essentials oils of clary sage and oakmoss enlivened with a hint of cinnamon and floral accord.    The scent is warm and enveloping.    The amount of fragrance is designed to create a lovely background aroma to your home, not to be overpowering.

The fragrance oils are blended with soy wax which burns cleanly, evenly and smoke free.    It is generously filled with 11 ounces of scented wax which will provide roughly sixty hours of burn time.

This interesting name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is a locational surname deriving from any of the various places called “Hawley” in Hampshire, Kent, and a lost place near Sheffield in Yorkshire.  A green plat in a valley, in the North of England, is called a haw; in Scotland, a small bit of ground, a haugh. Ley, leaz and lea are old Saxon words for a field or sward. Some one, once upon a time, lived in a small green field. He had no surname, no one had, but as the need for surnames developed he became some derivative of the current “Hawley”, based on the area in which he lived.

  • November 16, 2013 - 1:09 pm

    John Hawley - Please note: there is also a village in North kent ( on the outskirts of Dartford) named Hawley – I can trace my ancestry back to that area,_KentReplyCancel

    • November 23, 2013 - 10:47 am

      admin - Thank you for contacting us John. Yes, we are familiar with the Kentish village. We would be interested if you were willing to share your research. We continue to seek proof of our English antecedents. One never knows, perhaps you may provide the link the Society has been researching for many years! You may contact me directly at


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