Joshua Hawley is one of Tombstone Arizona’s leading ghost experts. He researched the myths and legends of Tombstone and has become one of the most reputable paranormal guides in Cochise Country. His book, Tombstone’s Most Haunted (Tombstone Paranormal 2009) depicts several tales connected with the “town too tough to die”.

Tombstones Most Haunted by Joshua Hawley

Hawley selected some of the top known haunts of Tombstone for the basis of his book. The stories are short, easy to read, and straight to the point. GPS coordinates give visiting guests time to read and explore the ghosts and they journey down dusty Allen Street and neighboring locations.

Take a stroll with Josh Hawley and visit some of the liveliest establishments in Tombstone’s heyday such as the Crystal Palace where mysterious apparitions show up in photos, Big Nose Kate’s Saloon that still holds the foundation to the old Grand Hotel with its array of ghostly patrons, or the renown Bird Cage Theatre whose ghosts have been featured on TV programs such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and Ghost Lab.

Tombstone’s Most Haunted also takes you to the Boothill Graveyard where the dead seem to appear in photographs from time to time, the Buford House which was the scene of a tragic love story, and on an eerie drive to the ruins of Brunckow Cabin where more than twenty-two men are said to have been murdered and buried on the hillsides near the mines.

They say Tombstone is a town full of love, hate, and dreams that were lost in time. Learn about the lost souls who still wander the deserted streets late at night. Are they there to resolve the tragedies they could not control in life?

Source: Debe Brunning,