June Newsletter

Hawley Society Newsletter
Issue 69, June 2013

One of the benefits of membership in the Society is receiving our quarterly newsletter.     Our members consistently tell us how much enjoy reading them.   We are very excited about this particular issue for several reasons.

First of all, it is like two issues in one, containing twice the usual number of pages.   We had so much content to share with you this time.    Second, we have revised the format to more closely align with the design of our website.   Last, but certainly not least, this is first time we have delivered the newsletter electronically to those members whose email addresses we have on file.

This is exciting for several reasons.   It provides significant expense savings by printing and mailing fewer copies.  It also utilizes less paper, which is socially responsible.   It also allows us to deliver the newsletter in full color and include clickable links to related information.

In this issue, we discuss the upcoming 83rd Annual Reunion in Northampton.   We are very excited to explore the fascinating story about the Northampton Hawleys, descendants of Thomas, of the Massachusetts line.     To the present day, although smaller in number than the descendants of the Connecticut line, Thomas’ descendants also have played major parts in the development of our country.

We feature several articles on Aaron Hawley and his relatives.   Aaron was killed during the 1932 Black Hawk War.    Coming up later in June, there is a Commemoration and Reenactment of this conflict in Illinois.

We also profile Judge Thomas Porter Hawley, including a contribution from Carol Fent-Huntley, one of his descendants.    Norman Hawley, UE updates us on the Loyalist Cemetery in Adolphustown, Ontario.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter and would be happy to hear your feedback.   Click the image above to open the newsletter.   If you enjoy it, please consider joining the Society!