Joseph Hawley, Jr 1649-1691

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Joseph Hawley Jr

Joseph Hawley, Jr, (Hawley Record #8), second son of Joseph Hawley (the immigrant) was born 9 January 1649.  He lived to be forty one years of age, came to own considerable property and was not married so far as is known. He died 25 June 1691, a year after his father.

The accompanying cut is the facsimile of his gravestone.  It is a small field stone, crudely engraved.    Of note, the letter “J” as known today was not yet in common usage, so the letter “I” was used.    The letter’s pronunciation would be understood from the context in which it was used.

Joseph is buried in the Old Congregational Burying Ground in Stratford, Connecticut, along with many of his close relatives.

He was the owner of land as of 12 Jun 1671.  On 31 Oct 1687, his father, Joseph, gave certain lands, which had been set apart, to his son Joseph, then 38 years of age, to Capt Joseph, son of Samuel, then twelve years of age.    This could indicate that Joseph, Jr was incapacitated to transact business by this time, and thus the land planned to be given him was given instead to his nephew of the same name.

Joseph Jr. was not mentioned by Joseph Sr in his Will, even though the dates on the grave markers would indicate that Joseph Sr predeceased his son and namesake.    Mention was made of Capt Joseph, however.

I give to Joseph Hawley, my son Samuel’s son, besides what is upon record given him my lot at the field gate called the Strubing lot, the whole of it.

Joseph Sr’s will is dated 17 Sep 1689.    His son Ephraim is mentioned and predeceased him, although after the writing of the will. All of the other living children are included, except Joseph Jr.   One must wonder the specifics of this interesting and unusual situation.


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