Hawley DNA Project Now $39

We sponsor a Hawley DNA Project at Family Tree DNA. They recently introduced a much lower price for the 12 marker test. It is now $39, reduced from $99.


Hawley DNA Project

This is a Y-DNA study which is based on the male line DNA passed down from father to son. While we encourage ordering as many markers as you can afford, the 12-marker test is sufficient to determine how closely related you may be to others in the study.

A sample result of a 37 marker test.

The results will tell you if you are related to the other subjects in the study and in how many generations back you most likely share a common ancestor. For example, you and I may be shown to have a 90% probability of sharing a common MALE ancestor within four generations.

The results do not say, “Mr. Hawley, you are definitely descended from Joseph Hawley (1603-1690). That being so, if others in the study have proven their descent from Joseph through their research, and you are shown a high probability of sharing an ancestor within X generations, if X is less than 9 or 10, you are descended from Joseph.

The results are confidential, although we request that you authorize sharing your results with the Administrator. If you choose not to, your results cannot be compared with others in the study. The Society will not reveal individual results.

We want your DNA!

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