George Hawley IV


Written by his nephew and Society Vice President, Edward Burton Hawley

Uncle George was my father’s brother. They were 13 months apart in age but a world of temperament and interest apart. They were both born in Baldwinsville, NY to Dr. George Hawley III and Edna Hawley.  Both brothers served in World War II with my Dad being in Europe and George being in Japan. After the war George stayed in Japan and taught high school to American and Japanese children. He had a affinity for the culture and made many life long friends of his students and returned for visit through out his life.

While in Japan he studied and painted in the Japanese style and worked on various pieces of artwork as time and interest permitted. I do have an early work and a later work and his style did change and improve.

When he returned to the states he went back to my grandfather’s house and taught math at the Baldwinsville High School. In his late 40’s he had a heart attack and at that time retired from teaching. He always enjoyed traveling and seeing the world and visiting art museums and exhibits wherever he traveled. This gave him cause to do “copy” works from original art he had seen on his travels. I always thought he did a great job but he would point out the flaws in his work.

He had wanted to be an architect but was “convinced” to study math and get his teaching credentials from Cornell University. So later in life his paintings reflected his love of older buildings, both exterior and interior and the same with boats and ships.  He also was a model builder and replicated the theaters that he had visited in the past that had been torn down. He further built models of boats and ships that he had sailed or wanted to sail on or had read about in history. He always researched his buildings, theaters and boats to be sure they were accurate.

I enjoy the paintings on a daily basis and they give me the feeling that he is still around.  Enjoy!

Written by Edward Burton Hawley, 2012