Ebenezer Hawley (HR10), son of Joseph Hawley the first, married Hester (or Esther), daughter of Dr William and Deborah Ward, of Fairfield, CT, where they resided. After Dr Ward’s decease, his widow, Deborah, married a Tappan of Southampton, Long Island, hence she is called Deborah Ward Tappan.  The marriage agreement between Ebenezer Hawley and Hester Ward is as follows, taken from Fairfield County Probate Records:

Whereas: There is a marriage intended and concluded to be solemnized and completed between Ebenezer Hawley, son unto Mr Joseph Hawley, of Stratford, and Hester Ward, daughter of Mrs Deborah Ward Tappan, of Southampton, upon the consideration of the said marriage, the said Ebenezer Hawley doth covenant to and with the said Hester and engage these several articles hereinafter mentioned.

Imprimis: It is agreed by the said Ebenezer, and he doth covenenant that the House and all the lands that the said Hester is now possessed of within the bounds of Fairfield, if the said Ebenezer die and leave the said Hester a widow, if there be living issue of her body by him yet she shall enjoy as a jointure all the said Housing and lands during her natural life and the reversion of the said House and lands to be to the said child or children surviving.  It is covenanted and agreed that if the said Ebenezer shall die before the said Hester and leave no issue by her surviving, then all the said Housing and lands shall be the proper property of the said Hester and to her heirs forever.

It is agreed and covenanted that if the said Hester shall die before the said Ebenezer, leaving no issue behind her of hers, then she shall have power to dispose of one half of the above said lands, the buildings and one half acre of land about the House excepted, and for the full conformation of the premises the said Ebenezer Hawley hath hereunto set his hand this 19th day of April, 1678.

Ebenezer Hawley

Signed in the presence and witness of

  • Samuel Wakeman
  • William Hill

This contract or agreement proves the relation of all these parties, notwithstanding all the confusion heretofore made as to them–most of all the “confusion confounded” in the Fairfield History published in 1889.   It was Hester Ward (not a widow) who married Ebenezer Hawley.  Her mother was Deborah Ward Tappan of Southampton, Long Island.   Hester had two children by her husband, Ebenezer Hawley, who died in 1681 and she married 2nd Ensign Ephraim Nichols.  They had three children and her husband Ephraim Nichols died in 1690, and she married 3rd Eliphalet Hill in November, 1691, and hence she was properly called in the town records, Hester Nichols, daughter of William Ward, for she was Mrs Hester Nichols and also the daughter of William Ward. She had two children by Mr Hill, and he died in 1695.  She married 4th, Robert Lord and by him had four children according to the Fairfield Church records.

At the time of his marriage, Ebenezer Hawley received a number of pieces of land from his father, so that the inventory of his estate three years later amounted to £628 16s, besides the lands in reversion due from Mr Joseph Hawley of Stratford, his father,  valued at £400.

Ebenezer Hawley Descendants