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We are very fortunate to have an outstanding genealogist, Trudy Hawley, who volunteers her time to assist members with their research.    We are always happy to share and exchange knowledge.   The sharing of the information facilitates greater understanding and can assist in filling in gaps.   We are not able to offer in depth research services, which are best directed to a certified genealogist for a fee.




    • admin - Hello Lori! There have been many Hawleys of different lines of descent in Wisconsin. It would be helpful if you could provide some additional information on those in which you are interested.ReplyCancel

  • debbie - My great grandmother was Jennie Cora Spencer nee McIntyre she lived in lockport n.y ….she died in 1977.. my aunt had alot of her stuff, and was cleaning out stuff found a picture by Annie Hawley Race..would you know anything about this and why she would have a picture by her.. my aunt remembers seeing the Hawlry-Race name in a old bible when she was youngerReplyCancel

  • A. Adonna Selbert Gosson - Hello to the Hawley’s,
    I am the granddaughter of Daniel Richard Hawley Sr. I believe he came from Middletown, NY and lived in Rochester, NY. He married S. Adonna (Clarisa) Calkins daughter of Veranous and Sarah Calkins, Varysburg, NY.
    My grandfather worked at Kodak Park until his retirement. Then they moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla where they are both buried in the Ft. Lauderdale Cemetery. I have very little information on my grandfather but I do know he had a brother John, ? sister Polly, sister Mary Ellen who died as an infant. Possibly a brother George. Daniel had a daughter Thelma Adonna Hawley Ryan, daughter Audrey June Hawley Selbert and a son Daniel R. Hawley Jr. All of his children were born in Rochester, NY and all but Audrey moved to Florida in their adult years. My grandfather died on April 1, 1970 from complications following surgery for a fractured hip. He was a wonderful man with a keen sense of humor.
    We have my grandmothers linage that goes back to Hugh Calkins who came to Conn. in 1600. But very little on my grandfather. I am hoping that you can help filling in the gaps.
    Thank you,
    Adonna Gosson
    7l7 Eaton Rd
    Rochester, NY

    • admin - Adonna, thank you for contacting us. I will forward to comment to Trudy Hawley, our genealogist. Perhaps she can be of assistance. I do not have any information in my personal research that connects your family.


  • Shelton Hawley - I am a Hawley from North Carolina. I know that my father’s family came to my area from the Wilson, NC area. I joined and to get some idea of my heritage, but I own and manage a CPA firm, and I don’t have time to spend tracing my ancestry on these sites. Can you direct me somewhere that might make my research easier?

    Shelton Leon Hawley
    Angier, NCReplyCancel

    • admin - Shelton,
      We have information on Hawleys from North Carolina. The more specific information that you can share with us regarding your father, grandfather, etc, might help us with the connection.ReplyCancel

    • Cora - Shelton: My family is from Lucama/Wilson area & I’ve been searching for approx. 10 yrs. I live in SC. How can I help you? I’ll try, but no promises.

      Cora HawleyReplyCancel

  • Dennis Chapman - I am looking for information on James Hawley
    B Apr, 1831 Almond, Steuben(Allegany), NY
    D 8 Nov 1912 Williamsburg, Grand Traverse, MI
    M Nancy M Fairchild B Aug, 1834 Belfast, Allegany, NY
    D Feb, 1861 Belfast, Allegany, NY
    M Mary J (Boucher) B Aug, 1844 Canada D 11 Mar 1901 Willimasburg, Grand Traverse, MI

    Thank your for your assistanceReplyCancel

  • Shirley Pridmore Simpson - My greatgrand parents Chauncey and Hattie Griffin Pridmore adopted a child by the name of Hawley. His parents were David and Margaret Hawley. Margaret died in Holley, Orleans, NY a few days after the infant was born and the child died Oct 7 1881 in Holley. Do you know anything about David Hawley and his wife Margaret? I have completed my Pridmore genealogy and it is on should you care to view it.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Shirley,
      Thank you for contacting us. I have forwarded your question to Trudy Hawley, our genealogist, in hopes that she will be able to assist you.
      Best of luck!

  • Phyllis Hawley - I am vice-president of our historical society (Binghamton Township Historical Society) in Hawleyton, N.Y. which was named after Maj. Martin Hawley & his son James Stanton Hawley. The piece of property that our historical building is located on was donated by James. It was formerly the Hawleyton United Methodist Church built in 1855. We are looking for a picture of the Martin & his son James, if anyone has one or could send us a copy it would be greatly appreciated, as we want to display them for the community.

    Thank you for any and all help.ReplyCancel

  • Alice - Cemetery stone for Clement Hawley 1803-4 Dec 1879 turned up at Hudson View Cemetery, Mechanicville, Saratoga County, New York.
    I’ve entered Clement’s memorial as Find A Grave 131320942. I have no clue why he is in Saratoga County… seems to be the same guy who was married to Adaline Hawley of Jefferson County, New York, Find A Grave 89983044. Thought that the Hawley Society may have additional information regarding Clement so that he can be linked to his family members. Thanks, AliceReplyCancel

    • admin - Hello Alice! Thank you for your comment here on the website. Trudy Hawley, our volunteer genealogist, may be able to provide you with some assistance. You may contact her at


  • Sandra Becker - I am a Hawley descendant from Peter who was burined in the Hawley Cemetery in Quebec, Canada. I have found some Hawley’s who were Quakers and often wondered if this is why Peter went to Canada. Could he have been Quaker? But, I can not find any proof of that. Do you have any information on this question?

    Thank YouReplyCancel

    • admin - Hello Sandra!
      Thank you for your comment here on the website. Trudy Hawley, our volunteer genealogist, may be able to assist you. Please contact her at


  • sj vescelus - My ancestor was patience hawley,born 1721 who married consider hurlbut.ReplyCancel

A Word From Elias Sill Hawley

More assuming and still less tangible is the inquiry into possible origin and literal significations of our surnames. It was a self question of my early boyhood, never yet answered, how came the first Hawley to be called Hawley, and what, if anything, does the word mean?  A very ingenious book has recently been published on the origin, etymology and signification of surnames. Our names came from England, England as in our Mother Country, if an unnatural mother at times.   If England was our mother country, what, pray, was our grandmother country?  England had, so to speak, many mothers: the Angles, the Saxons, the Danes, the Normans, besides the original inhabitants, savage enough, worshiping with bloody rites under the oaks.

The Hawleys, I regret to say, as appears from the” Roll of Battle Abbey,” came to England from Normandy, with that wretched filibustering crew, led by William the Conqueror, in 1066. A worse set of scoundrels never robbed a nation or spoiled half so ruthlessly. Wholesale pillagers! Gigantic bummers!

Taken from a speech delivered in 1877 by Elias Sill Hawley and published in THE HAWLEY RECORD, 1890.

  • Patricia Brauner - Having recently returned from a visit to York, England, a city of Roman foundation, conquered by Vikings in 866 and Normans in 1066, I’m not unfamiliar with Elias Sill Hawley’s attitude toward the latter! The “memories” are still fresh there.ReplyCancel

  • Jeffrey McNevin - I think Elias Sill was an amusing and interesting character. I remember William F. Buckley commenting on his name a number of years ago; he said many English names ending in ley were of Norman origin, as in let. In his case he said his family was “castle Irish”, for his people had migrated to Ireland from England. Since my greatgrandfather, Frederick Hurd Hawley married a French Canadian I take no umbrage with Elias Sill’s remark about the wonderful civilizing French. JeffReplyCancel

    • Patricia Brauner - Jeff McNevin, I’d like to know your Hurd connection. My great great-grandmother, Mary Ann Jennings (granddaughter of Faustina HAWLEY and Samuel Ufford) married Stiles HURD (1817-1891) in 1835. They were all Connecticut people, mostly Stratford.ReplyCancel

      • Jeff - Ms. Brauner, My grandfather and great-grandfather, were both given the middle name of Hurd; Frederick Hurd Hawley and Harold Hurd Hawley. In addition my Hawleygrandmother wrote that Hurd was a maiden name of an Hawley woman in 1983. Not true,if this site is to be trusted, and I believe it is for cemetery records in Minnesota and Hancock county Illinois support Elias Sills work.

        I am aware the Hurd’s had property that abuted Joseph Hawley’s property, according to his will. Yes, in Stratford, CT. The Hurds seem to be an industrious family; they had the first mill and granary in Stratford. This is in the fine tradition of Connecticut.

        Thank you for reading my post and responding, I regret I couldn’t have been more helpful. Jeff McNevinReplyCancel

        • Jeff - PS- Ms Brauner, My grandfather’s name was Edward not the Frederick that I inexplicably typed. My genetic tests say that I am in the group least prone to alzeimers, but sometimes I wonder. peace, old Mr. McNevinReplyCancel